Girasole Retreats

So what exactly is Girasole Retreats all about??

Well, it is my absolute pleasure to be working alongside 2 beautiful ladies that I am so blessed to call my friends 🌻

Francesca, Shauna and I met at work.  We had an instant common denominator in that we all have a connection to Italy!

Francesca was born in Tuscany and spent the first 25 or so years of her life there!  Shauna and I both studied Italian at University and spent some time living there. I personally spent 3 years of my life living in the beautiful city of Bologna in the Emilia Romagna region.

But I digress… it may have been our love for Italy that first drew us to eachother, but I truly believe that ultimately the universe transpired to make our paths cross.

We have each followed our own individual career paths but our connection has always stayed strong.  So while we may no longer share an office space, we are so delighted  to work together towards a common goal.

We all share a desire to help bring peace and wellness to our families and those around us. A desire to find light and love in our own lives and help guide others to do the same.

And so Girasole Retreats was born!

The name we have chosen – Girasole – is the Italian word for Sunflower. The flower that follows the sun! An ideal symbol for what we hope to achieve 🌻

This is truly mind and body wellness at its finest!

We specialise in 3 different areas –

I am the Pilates provider (read more about this here)

Francesca is our Reflexology specialist (read more about this here)

Shauna is our EFT Practitioner (post coming shortly with more information from Shauna 🙂 )

Together these 3 practices can help you arrive at a deeper state of mind and body wellness – our ultimate goal!

Our next retreat is in February at Lorne House in Holywood.

You will enjoy:

– Exploring posture and core strength with me on the mat through beginner-friendly Pilates sessions

– A Choice of either Reflexology or Indian Head massage from Francesca.

– An introduction to EFT with Shauna where you will learn more about this amazing mind and body technique and discover how it can dramatically help you with issues such as anxiety or stress. You will also have a time allocated to you for an individual session with Shauna where you can delve a little deeper into any specific issues you may ha e.

We would LOVE you to join us for this special event! Please go ahead and get in touch if you would like any more information or to reserve your spot!  Or Sign up to my mailing list to make sure you don’t miss any announcements about future events coming up.

The price for the retreat is £150 which includes your overnight accommodation at Lorne House, Pilates sessions, your treatment with Francesca and session with Shauna, all meals & snacks and teas and coffees.


Please have a read of my summary of our last retreat here😊🌻🌻