I fully understand the need that people have to retreat from their day to day lives at times.

I have been blessed to participate in several wellness retreats over the last few years and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

One thing that became evident to me in my chats with the participants at these retreats was the need to provide MORE!

And so my Mini Retreats were born.  A Mini Retreat is 2 hours of tranquillity and calm, away from the stresses of life and where you can focus on you.  Some time out.

At my Mini Retreats you will get to experience a little taster of what a full day or overnight retreat is like.  You will enjoy some gentle and mindful movement and stretching, some stress & anxiety busting breathing techniques and some lovely relaxing, mindfulness meditation.  You will also be able to enjoy a herbal tea or juice and small snack before leaving for home.

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