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Welcome to the online home of Emily Clifford Mind + Body Wellness. Hopefully, my website will give you a little bit of insight into what Mind and Body Wellness is all about and how I can help to create mental wellness, body fitness and overall equilibrium for today’s busy lifestyles and daily routines.

Mind + Body Wellness can lead to a happier more productive lifestyle offering.

About me

Hi, I’m Emily Clifford. Mother of 2, wife, daughter, sister, friend and aspiring Wellness Warrior

Classes on Offer

Mind + Body Wellness can offer


Having enjoyed the benefits of a regular Mindfulness + Meditation practice myself, I am delighted to be sharing these wonderful tools with others.  I incorporate mindfulness into my Pilates classes through a focus on breath and body awareness and I also include some meditation and relaxation in my online courses as well as my wellness retreats.


With physical fitness in mind, my main area of expertise is Pilates – a wonderful method to help improve your core strength and all over muscle tone and strength.

I also enjoy Yoga + HIIT (High intensity interval training) and enjoy bringing elements of these into my classes.

I also enjoy working with new mums and encouraging them to get back into the world of fitness after having a baby.


For me, Wellness is a combination of both physical and mental wellbeing.  One can simply not exist without the other.

My goal with my business is to help people get closer to a state of wellness through addressing both their physical and mental health.

If I can help to provide even a small pocket of calm for someone in the midst of this busy busy world I will feel happy 🙂

Forever Wellness

Alongside my classes I represent Forever Living Products. Having been introduced to the benefits of Forever Living Products over three years ago now I am a strong believer in their goodness and nutritional values that aid in the completion of Mind + Body Wellness and healthy diet.

If you would like to find out more about Forever Living Products you can visit my Forever Living webpage by clicking the link below.

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Please get in touch with any queries at all by clicking the button below or by sending an email to info@emilyclifford.com

I would love to discuss your options for my corporate or small group Wellness Programs and bespoke Pilates, Mum & Baby/Toddler or Fitness sessions.

Or if you would like to work with me individually then please also get in touch to discuss my various programs.