So, today is the 30th December 2018.

We have a new year approaching… how does this make you feel?

Are you the sort of person who loves setting aside some time to think of lots of resolutions to follow? Do you find great motivation in the clean slate of a New Year?

Or do you make a point of NOT making any resolutions? You know you won’t stick to them so why bother? It’s a load of cliched nonsense anyway right?

Or maybe you are like me and you are somewhere in the middle….

I love the feeling of freshness that the New Year can bring. I used to be really really into making New Year’s Resolutions…. I would dedicate time every New Year’s Eve to writing out all the habits I was determined to stick to every day. Walk 10,000 steps, floss, drink 2 litres of water, meditate, 30 minutes of yoga, read for 30 minutes, go to bed early… They maybe varied a little from year to year, but the basic ideas were the same.

Then, last year I fell out with myself over it all! I was fed up always making the same lists with the same goals and never managing to stick to them! What a waste of time and how incredibly demotivating it all was…. It was far from inspiring looking back over the past year and realising that yet again I hadn’t had the discipline to stick to my New Year’s Resolutions. What a joke.

So last year, I made a conscious decision to not make my usual plethora of resolutions. It felt strange because focussing on them had always been such a big part of my New Year’s Eve routine. Instead, last year I decided to forget about my usual fitness and health goals and I made a promise to myself to do just one thing – Journaling.

I decided to make it a daily habit to write in my journal.

I didn’t have any set format, I just made a commitment to write for at least 5 minutes every day and let the thoughts flow. The commitment I made to myself was just for the month of January. I had never managed to stick to things all year round before, so I decided to take the pressure off and just commit for one month.

Guess what…… I actually did it!

What a joyous feeling it is to actually stick to something and fulfil a commitment to yourself!!

So this year, I am going to do the same…but with some extras.

This year, I am making the commitment to myself to write every day for the FULL YEAR. Based on my writing activity last year I know this is achievable for me.

I have also decided that I am going to follow a specific prompt every day for the month of January to really get me thinking about what my hopes and aspirations are for the year ahead. A month of contemplative journaling.

I am excited to see what enfolds as the month progresses!

My hope is that by spending a full month on some focussed questions I will be able to untangle what I actually want. I am hopeful that my real hopes and my true aspirations will unfold, rather than my standard “goals” that I used to hurriedly write down each New Year’s Eve.

I believe that these things are worth dedicating some time to and I am excited to get started!

If you would like to join me on this month of self-discovery, I have put the 31 prompts into a daily email format. All you have to do is sign up via this link – and you will receive an email every day for the month of January with a new prompt.

Or, if you prefer Facebook, I will be posting the daily prompt in my closed group each day in January, so just join the group and check in each day for your new point of focus! Here is the link to join the group –

A month of focussed journaling.

Let’s do this!!

Oh, and just so you know, one more thing I’m doing this January is giving up eating after 7pm… cos ya know, chocolate happened!!!

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