“I have been overweight for a long time, eating rubbish and drinking gallons of Lucozade.  I started MYB and instantly gave up Lucozade, haven’t touched a drop since.  The workouts in the programme are fab as you feel as if Emily is in your living room guiding you and they are short enough to fit into your day easily.  What I really love is the fact that this is not a diet, nothing is banned, it’s all down to you.  Emily encourages you to eat the rainbow, introduce better foods, more fruit/veg/home cooking and exercise more.  This is what I have done and voila, half a stone off in 6 weeks!

I cannot recommend MYB enough to anyone who is struggling. The  support is great with weekly audios and accountability and trackers for exercise/audios listened to…it really keeps you going.”

Ms B. Mind Your Body Programme

?Would highly recommend Emily for Hypnotherapy. Very professional service to which Emily provided a gentle, warm and empathic approach. I found it extremely easy to talk & share my concerns with Emily, as from the moment I met her she put me at ease, handling my case with confidential assurance & heartfelt compassion. Thank you Emily❤️

Ms D. Hypnotherapy for specific fear

“So I started my day by listening to my hypnotherapy recording and not once have I wanted something I shouldn’t eat.  I haven’t felt the need to snack or anything.  I just ate my 3 meals and drank loads of water.  I also got diesel the other day and didn’t feel the urge to buy chocolate!”

Mrs P. – Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

“Been doing great since we last talked.  No chocolate, biscuits or rubbish eaten at all and not missing it! Amazed at the difference!”

Ms. T – Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

“I can’t thank you enough.. I am a non smoker now.  Totally changed my life.  I am healthier and fitter… saved my money and bought a trail bike which I love!!  Honestly I can’t thank you enough!”

Ms D – Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation

“I can’t recommend Emily highly enough. I’ve been in a downward spiral with my eating habits…falling back into my old ways, eating rubbish and skipping meals.  With Emily’s help over the last few weeks she has me back on track.  It’s helped me insert the pause…  to think before I choose rubbish over a healthy option.   Her easy manner and soothing voice are delightful and soothing.  I listen to her recordings each night.  Simple but effective.  Thank you Emily.”

Mrs R – Hypnotherapy for Weight Management

“I can highly recommend Emily for Hypnotherapy.  After struggling with anxiety and my weight for a long time now she has helped me reset my mindset on food and my anxiety has really reduced along with it.  It really is about helping break habits and changing the way you think about food and why you are eating too much or the wrong things.  Emily will put you at ease straight off and is very easy to talk to and her voice is so soothing.”

Mrs W. – Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Weight Management

“I was a bit unsure how effective the hypnotherapy would be but was willing to give it a try as I’d tried everything else and had nothing to lose.  It was the best decision I’ve made.  From the very first session I felt like I was in control of my eating habits and I started making small changes which made a big difference to my daily life.  I felt more focussed and motivated and enjoyed listening to my recordings every day (sometimes twice a day).

I’ve had issues with my weight, size and self esteem for as long as I can remember but with Emily’s help I’m starting to feel better about myself and like what I see in the mirror.  I’ve still a lot of work to do but for the first time I feel like it’s actually working and I will meet my goal.  You won’t regret working with Emily, she’s lovely and will make you feel so comfortable and relaxed.”

Mrs P. – Hypnotherapy for Self-Esteem & Weight Management

“After the Hypnotherapy I had a few puffs at a wedding and that was definitely it.  I am a non smoker!  It was gross!  I didn’t enjoy it and I said no, that’s not me.  I feel so much better for it, I can’t thank you enough!  I had no mood swings or cravings and I can be around others who smoke and not be tempted, it’s great!  I can 100% see the future of me with no cigs, thank you!”

Mrs B. – Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation.