So I, along with many many others, am on a ‘Wellness Journey’ right now..

I know it’s a bit of a buzzword at the minute and you could almost say that wellness has become trendy or fashionable.  I actually think this is wonderful!  The fact that more and more of us are investing our time and money on ways to improve our wellness can only be a good thing!

So, as I work on my own overall wellness I am learning A LOT and I want to share it with you all 🙂

When I first started out,  I rather naively thought wellness was just really about eating right, being active and learning how to meditate.  I now understand that there is SO much more depth to it than that!

Did you know that there are 6 dimensions to overall wellness?

No, neither did I!  But when I started to read a bit about them it just makes total sense and is in perfect keeping with the holistic mind body wellness that I am striving to achieve.

Below is a very brief outline of each of the 6 dimensions:

(Photo and information adapted from ‘Clark College’ and ‘National Wellness Institute’)

1. OCCUPATIONAL – feeling satisfied in your work. doing something that is in keeping with your personal beliefs, values and interests and having the opportunity to use your unique gifts and talents.

2. PHYSICAL – understanding the importance and impact of regular physical exercise. Realising how much better it is to fuel your body with food that makes you feel great in the long term rather than short term gratification which ultimately impairs your physical wellbeing. Looking and feeling better also leads to greater self image and boosts self esteem.

3. SOCIAL – being aware of your impact on environments and other people. Being respectful of others and of your environments and working with them rather than fighting against them.

4. INTELLECTUAL – seeking new knowledge and stretching your creativity and mental capacity. Seeing the importance of not becoming self satisfied and unproductive and instead spending time on intellectual and creative pursuits. This will ultimately improve your problem solving skills and better equip you to deal with whatever life throws your way.

5. SPIRITUAL – recognising the search for meaning and purpose in human existence. Living your life in harmony with your beliefs and values and living this way with such ease that it becomes difficult to live or behave in any other way,

6. EMOTIONAL – awareness and acceptance of your own feelings. Having the capacity to manage your feelings and the behaviours related to them and being understanding and accepting of your own limitations. Having the ability to cope effectively with stress and express your feelings with ease.

So,  I know what areas I personally need to work on the most…. what about you?  Do you feel like any one of these dimensions is in a good place right now?  What steps can you put in place to get closer to overall WELLNESS?  What do you need help with?

And please feel free to Get in touch with any questions or ideas!

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